KKCO-CMU Women's Volleyball: Woods and Edwards make all-tourney team

CMU Women's Volleyball not only went 4-0 in the Lubbock Christian Chap Classic, but a pair of Lady Mavs earned tournament honors.

KKCO - Weather Forecast 11/20/2017

Meteorologist Brad Miller has your Monday 11/20/2017 weather forecast.

KKCO - A Hero Remembers

We know the brave men and women who fight and die for our freedom are heroes. There are also those like Sgt. Eubaldo Lovato who go above and beyond the call of duty.

KKCO - Lego-Mania

You may have walked past the Lego store near Main Street, but you probably didn't know just how many Lego pieces were inside. There are even more now that the store is expanding.

KKCO - Sherrif's Posse Annual Food Drive

It's the holiday season, but for some who want to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, getting food can be hard. The Sheriff's Posse is partnering with the Salvation Army in their annual food drive.

KKCO - HopeWest Kids Holiday Show

The annual HopeWest Holiday Show was held this Saturday and Sunday at the Two Rivers Convention center in Grand Junction.

KKCO-HS Football: Palmer Ridge ends Rifle's season

It was a chilly Saturday afternoon for playoff football, but Palmer Ridge came out hot as they took down the Rifle Bears 49-7 in the State quarterfinals.


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Trump's Oklahoma campaign chair to plead guilt to child sex trafficking

Former Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey is set to plead guilty to child sex trafficking after soliciting sex from a 17-year-old male.

Charles Manson: Will the myth ever die?

Manson never really went away after he was jailed and is likely to linger in America's consciousness now that he's dead.

Kenyan school gives unemployed youth a chance at success

A school is Kenya looks to give unemployed youth and young adults an opportunity to pursue careers in technology.

Turkish capital bans LGBT cinema, exhibitions

Officials said such events could cause different groups to "publicly harbor hatred and hostility" toward each other and therefore pose a public safety risk.

U.S. on track to triple bombs dropped on Afghanistan

The U.S. has dropped 3,554 bombs on the Taliban this year — already nearly three times the 2016 total — as part of President Donald Trump's shift in strategy.