KKCO - Weather Forecast 09/13/2017

Meteorologist Brad Miller has your Wednesday 09/13/2017 weather forecast.

KKCO-GJ Rockies: Pitching leads Idaho Falls past Rockies

The Grand Junction Rockies dropped their second game in a row on Thursday night. J.C Cloney pitched six innings for the Chukars and gave up only one run in the 6-1 win for Idaho Falls.

KKCO Swim safely this summer

Swim safely this summer

KKCO- Swim safelt this summer

Swim safelt this summer

KKCO- Summertime sickness

Summertime sickness

KKCO - Very high pollen levels for western Colorado

Very high pollen levels for western Colorado

KKCO- Hall of fame: A learning journey

KKCO- Hall of fame: A learning journey


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Trump lawyer Michael Cohen mugs with Trump critic Tom Arnold

Arnold is hunting for 'incriminating' tapes of Trump as part of a show for Vice.

Justice Department to release Guatemalan mother's son after lawsuit

A mother and son will be reunited in the Washington area before traveling to Texas, where they will live while their asylum claim is adjudicated.

California couple accused of torturing kids are ordered to stand trial

A California judge said there was abundant evidence to try the couple on 49 of 50 counts, calling some of it "astounding."

10 states to sue over child separations, Trump executive order

"What they're doing right now is unconstitutional," Washington Solicitor General Noah Purcell said.

Charles Krauthammer, columnist and prominent conservative voice, dies

"I leave this life with no regrets," Krauthammer wrote recently in The Washington Post.