KKCO - Weather Forecast 11/14/2017

Meteorologist Brad Miller has your Tuesday 11/14/2017 weather forecast.

KKCO-Hopewest CEO Helped Establish First Location 25 Years Ago

KKCO-Hopewest CEO Helped Establish First Location 25 Years Ago

KKCO-Faster Internet Speeds

KKCO-Faster Internet Speeds

KKCO-Safe2Tell Reports Up

KKCO-Safe2Tell Reports Up

KKCO-CMU Softball: Mavs climb to No. 3 in polls

After winning ten straight games to start the season CMU softball earns the No. 3 spot in the National Fastpitch Coaches Association Division II Top 25 Coaches Poll.

KKCO - Weather Forecast 02/21/2018

Meteorologist Brad Miller has your Wednesday 02/21/2018 weather forecast.

KKCO-HS Girls Basketball: Delta edges out Gunnison to advance

After not playing their best half of basketball the No. 4 seeded Delta Panthers defeat No.5 Gunnison.


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How the internet's conspiracy theorists turned Parkland students into 'crisis actors'

The speed with which these groundless claims spread point to a troubling digital ecosystem in the era of fake news.

Truck hit by train carrying lawmakers entered tracks after gates down: NTSB

The NTSB said in a preliminary report that witnesses said a truck hit by an Amtrak train in a deadly crash entered the tracks after the gates were down.

Billy Graham, pastor to presidents and the masses, dead at age 99

Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham, who boasted a career of more than 70 years and was one of the most admired men of the past century, has died at age 99, according to church sources.

Parkland shooting: Troopers bought flight for friend of victim

State troopers paid for the flight of a distraught young woman trying to reach the funeral of her friend who had been killed in the school shooting last week.

Franklin Graham followed in his father's footsteps — but veered right

The Rev. Billy Graham became known as "America's pastor" by refusing to pick a political side while reaching out to other religious leaders and invoking "the Lord" rather than Jesus. But his son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, isn't practicing what his father preached.