KKCO-CMU Women's Basketball: Lady Mavs throw away lackadaisical play

CMU women's basketball led in their game against MSU Denver for over 37 minutes including an eight-point lead at halftime.

KKCO - Weather Forecast 06/22/2018

Meteorologist Brad Miller has your Friday 06/22/2018 and weekend weather forecast.

KKCO-GJ Rockies: Pitching leads Idaho Falls past Rockies

The Grand Junction Rockies dropped their second game in a row on Thursday night. J.C Cloney pitched six innings for the Chukars and gave up only one run in the 6-1 win for Idaho Falls.

KKCO Swim safely this summer

Swim safely this summer

KKCO- Swim safelt this summer

Swim safelt this summer

KKCO- Summertime sickness

Summertime sickness

KKCO - Very high pollen levels for western Colorado

Very high pollen levels for western Colorado


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18 mayoral candidates killed ahead of Mexico's July elections, 2 on same day

The killings have particularly hit states like Michoacan, Guerrero and Oaxaca.

Guatemalan mother reunited with 7-year-old son after suing feds

The mother and son were reunited in the Washington area before traveling to Texas, where they will live while their asylum claim is adjudicated.

Hundreds attend funeral for fashion designer Kate Spade

"I just feel like her vocation was to fill the world with beautiful things."

Hundreds of children separated from families have been reunited, DHS claims

"Trump's order leaves us with more questions than answers: How to ensure kids are safely returned to parents? When?" tweeted Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

North, South Korea agree to reunions for families split by war

An emotional cross-border meeting beckons for 200 Koreans separated by decades of conflict.