KKCO - Weather Forecast 02/13/2018

Meteorologist Brad Miller has your Tuesday 02/13/2018 weather forecast.

KKCO- Pet Cancer Awareness

Nationally Recognized Veterinary Oncologist - Dr. Gerald Post Chief Medical Officer and Founder of the Veterinary Cancer Center Discusses The 10 Pet Cancer Warning Signs

KKCO - Weather Forecast 05/22/2018

Meteorologist Brad Miller has your Tuesday 05/22/2018 weather forecast.

KKCO-Athlete of the Week: Kylah Celayeta

To succeed in the sport of soccer you have to have endurance, skills, and determination out on the pitch

KKCO-JUCO World Series: Kids clinic to be held Thursday

The Junior College World Series is just a few days away meaning it is time to start thinking out the annual MLB Play Ball kids clinic.

KKCO - Study says kids are taking more ADHD medication

KKCO - Study says kids are taking more ADHD medication

KKCO - There's no place like hemp home

KKCO - There's no place like hemp home


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'We just have to heal a different way': Santa Fe, Parkland diverge after school shootings

Santa Fe residents still largely associate guns with hunting and family traditions, not mass shootings.

China agrees to slash car tariffs — but it's still six times more than the U.S. pays

At 15 percent, Chinese automotive tariffs will still be six times higher than what the U.S. charges on almost all vehicles.

Undercover video shows huge nets blamed for killing dolphins, whales, turtles

Mile-long nets used to catch swordfish off California have killed thousands of other sea creatures, says an analysis by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit

Rev. Michael Curry: I could see the 'quiet British amens'

The American bishop who presided over the royal wedding reveals his initial nerves and his first thoughts after delivering the groundbreaking sermon.