CMU collaborates with University of Tennessee on dinosaur study

Published: Jul. 17, 2020 at 12:42 PM MDT
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Colorado Mesa University is collaborating with the University of Tennessee on a study of stink.

The study released on Thursday looked at how the rotting carcasses of dinosaurs attracted prehistoric bugs. Scientists studied fossils are Mygatt-Moore Quarry outside of Fruita to get an idea of what the climate was like millions of years ago. They discovered a diverse climate that attracted creatures big and small of all types.

“That’s what we were seeing was evidence of dried out carcasses of really desperate animals going after what was left. And that’s what we see across this Morrison formation, evidence of droughts, wildfires with occasional high impact floods like what we see at Dinosaur National Monument,” says Dr. Julia McHugh at Museums of Western Colorado.

To learn more about the study, head to the museum’s website

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