Local 18-year old makes the Top 15 to make all her dreams come true

Alexis and her mother Angie at the park
Alexis and her mother Angie at the park(KKCO/KJCT)
Published: Jul. 24, 2020 at 9:43 PM MDT
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Olathes’ Alexis Watson is up against 14 others to make her dreams come true. Alexa,18, was born with a chromosome abnormality. Alexis can hear, but she cannot speak. Her mother says she is one of only two survivors in the world with her syndrome.

“They said she wouldn’t live through birth, then she wouldn’t go home from the ICU, she wouldn’t do this, she wouldn’t do that,” says her mother, Angie.

It affects her stature, her development and sometimes gives her seizures. She recently had a kidney transplant donated by her mother.

While preparing for their mission to Mars, the United Arab Emirates have teamed up with comedian, Kevin Hart to create the Mars Shot. It encourages people to share their dreams using the motto “Impossible is Possible.” Three winners will be chosen and their wishes will be granted. Alexis says there are millions of people like her; people who can hear, but cannot talk. They want to talk to the public and want the public to hear them.

Last year, Alexis received a pair of music gloves from make a wish foundation that help her communicate called VoiceSign. It is the first sign system for people to hear. She now has a chance to turn these gloves into the real deal. Alexis has made it to the top 15 out of over 4,800 submissions. If she were to win, the gloves would be more advanced and possibly portable.

“We’ve proven the possibility and potential. If we can get gloves, make them self-contained so we could just take our chip from our computer , plug it in here, put them on and be here talking to you.”

Alexis loves school. She is independent and loves to be with people. She dreams of things some of us can take for granted.

“Friends. To come with her and sit with her. And sing,” says her mother.

The gloves can also offer different languages. You can vote for Alexis just visit

You can vote through Saturday, July 25. The top five ‘Dreamers’ will be announced Tuesday and the winners, August 5.