Colorado Parks and Wildlife urging people to take precautions this weekend

The Bureau of Reclamation and Colorado Parks and Wildlife urging the public to exercise safety in and near reservoirs this weekend.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo. Courtesy CPW
Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo. Courtesy CPW(KKTV)
Published: Sep. 4, 2020 at 9:52 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -Colorado Parks and Wildlife urging the public to practice safety precautions around bodies of water, especially this holiday weekend with warm weather and the pandemic being issues of concern.

“So it’s a unique week for us because we had to close the lake down to boating because of low levels. Vega is an irrigation reservoir so every year we are at the will of the farmers that are downstream.” said Dan Sprys, Senior Park Ranger.

With a strange weekend ahead, reservations are still full and the park wants everyone to be as safe as possible while visiting.

“Everyone needs to have their life jackets on. It’s been a very deadly year for Colorado drownings. So we are really trying to push that point forward to make sure that people are aware anytime you’re out there on the water you need to have a life jacket with you.” said Dan Sprys.

Most visitors I spoke to said that they’re trying to do their part to follow the rules.

“I mean we follow every single safety guidelines wherever we go. Gas stations, getting life vests earlier, wearing masks in the lodge. Following all the rules. " said Mary Micoletti.

“We didn’t bring a boat this time, but we’re familiar with boats and we always use the PTF’s and try to stay away from people in the water and all that.” said Joshua Dickman.

On top of safety equipment around the water, visitors to the parks also have to worry about the heat and proper personal protection equipment as well.

“Oh yeah, we have vitamin water, we’ve been hydrating all day, It’s warmer than we were expecting so definitely are hydrating and trying to stay as safe as we can.” said Mary Micoletti.

“We brought plenty of water, plenty of food, some shade sunscreen and all that so I think we should be good.” said Joshua Dickman.

The Park Rangers also wanted to thank everyone for coming out and hope they enjoy their facilities but to remember to stay safe, especially near reservoirs.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to take the necessary steps to reduce the chances of potential threatening incidents in or near reservoirs. For more information about local conditions go to the CPW website.

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