CHSAA approves D51 to play High School Football in the Fall

High School Districts will decide to play football in Season A or Season C
Published: Sep. 17, 2020 at 9:32 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Just last week, CHSAA voted to not have football in the Fall but after an emotional roller coaster for fans, players, parents and coaches, The CHSAA Board of Directors voted Wednesday night to allow schools the opportunity to choose to play fall seasons for football, field hockey and sideline spirit, beginning in just a few weeks.

Teams that choose to play in the fall, will not be allowed to play in the spring. A major factor in the overall decision, was the approval of variances:

- Athletes, coaches, officials and staff, must wear a mask.

- Athletes, coaches, officials and staff must be six feet apart and not venture into spectator areas.

- Spirit must perform 25 feet away from those on the field.

- According to D51, players can not use locker rooms and they must bring their own water.

- With a 500 person variance allowed, only 50 players per sideline will be allowed on the field during games

If the community falls out of compliance, the Colorado Department of Health says the approval can be re-evaluated and the season could be cancelled.

To help take the load off of D51, CHSAA be making the new conferences and will be doing the schedule. However, D51 is worried about getting the players ready in a week’s time.

“Some of these kids don’t have physicals. We’re hoping some that some physicians, groups in town will open up some time slots so those kids can get those physicals and start practice on time,” says D51 Athletics Director, Paul Cain. "They can’t start. They cannot start, that’s non-negotiable. They have to fill out all their paperwork and have to have a current physical in order to participate this season.”

Parents will also have to sign a COVID statement allowing them to play.

A 2020 Champion will be crowned, teams who don’t make the playoffs can play a 7th game, but it will not count. Practices can start as early as next week, with games the following week.

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