Community upset over water quality in De Beque

Contaminated Water in De Beque
Contaminated Water in De Beque(kkco/kjct)
Published: Oct. 12, 2020 at 8:11 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -Residents in De Beque received a notice informing them that there was an unhealthy amount of Trihalomethanes in their water which was a violation of the drinking water requirements.

“We started flushing hydrants and everything that we could operational wise to try to reduce the Trihalomethanes inside the sample bottles,” said James Taylor, the contractor operator of the water treatment facility.

Many members of the community were upset because they felt like they should have been told sooner. “Our question is why wasn’t the report given to us sooner, three months prior to when we started failing, or why it wasn’t even taped up in the window at the community center,” said Todd Larreau, De Beque resident.

Taylor said, “well I kind of told them that it was a non-emergency according to what we got in the violation. In the date notice, we had until October 11th to get it reported, so I thought we could get it reported in the monthly bills.”

Taylor said he understands why people are upset, but unless this becomes a reoccurring problem, the water is safe to drink at this point.

Many of the people in the town of De Beque are not taking that risk. Larreau said that he will not even give his dogs the water. He also said that the water smells like eggs.

Some of the residents said that they are upset because they feel like they are not being told what is really going on, and that it feels like information is being hidden from them.

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