Moderna vaccine administered to Community Hospital staff

Moderna vaccine administered to Community Hospital staff
Moderna vaccine administered to Community Hospital staff(Yzabelah Roberts)
Published: Dec. 22, 2020 at 4:31 PM MST|Updated: Dec. 23, 2020 at 9:15 AM MST
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1,200 doses of the second FDA approved vaccine, Moderna, arrived at Community Hospital on Monday and was administered Tuesday.

“I was very anxious to get this, like most of the rest of the docs in town, as soon as it was available, we were right here,” says Barry Holcomb, Internal Medicine Doctor, Community Hospital.

“We tiered our employee staff based upon risk of where they work, so our ED, ICU staff, reparatory therapy, the people that are coming in contact with COVID positive patients,” says Thomas Tobin, Chief Medical Officer, Community Hospital.

The hospital says they have the resources to administer 300 staff per day.

“This is just another big step to getting control of the pandemic and at least get back to some normalcy, for not only for the hospital but for society in general,” says Tobin.

After staff received their shot, they moved to a room where they were monitored by a nurse for 15 minutes to ensure no one had an allergic reaction.

“I wore a t-shirt that wore the ‘Captain America’ logo and I feel like Captain America does—I’m doing this for the betterment of my community, and the betterment of America, and doing my part, even though it’s a small part and if I could set an example for those who are questioning or being concerned about the vaccine, stepping forward, I feel like it’s worth it,” says Monty Langston, Anesthesiologist.

The consensus of the health care professionals—excitement to do all they can to stop the pandemic from continuing any further.

“From my stand point, this is a great step forward, not only for myself, but for our community and for medicine in general,” says Langston.

The Moderna Vaccine can be stored at normal freezer temperatures, while the Pfizer vaccine must be stored at -112 degrees Fahrenheit.

The next dose of the vaccine will be administered in 28 to 32 days from the day it was received.

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