Mesa County residents raise concerns to commissioners during Monday’s meeting

Some advocated for a “Constitutional Sanctuary” proclamation
Updated: Jun. 14, 2021 at 4:08 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - At the Mesa County Commissioners meeting on Monday, one topic especially stood out during the public comment period: Some county residents are asking the commissioners to take action regarding constitutional freedoms.

Many of those who spoke to the commissioners said they want to see Mesa County proclaimed as a “Constitutional Sanctuary.” They argue that during the pandemic, their freedoms have not been respected.

According to resident Wendi Wood, “It’s been on my heart to get more involved. I’ve never been politically active before, but seeing how our nation is going so downhill, and it’s been important to me for my children, and my upcoming grandchildren, to be an active member of this community.”

In the view of those who voiced their support of the proclamation, declaring Mesa County a “Constitutional Sanctuary” would take the “Free to Choose” mask policy to its next level. They argue that over the last year and a half, personal freedoms have been diminished. They also worry about what they view as coercive vaccination and mask policies in schools and workplaces. Many present Monday morning stressed their position that mask-wearing and vaccinations should remain choices.

Andrea Barber, who attended Monday’s meeting, argued that “Becoming a Constitutional Sanctuary county doesn’t remove anybody’s rights. It will protect everybody. No matter where you’re at with this virus, or our response to it, this will ensure everybody’s right to choose what is best, which is really the beauty of America. It’s really the beauty of our country and what sets it apart.”

Commissioners Cody Davis and Janet Rowland mentioned that they would carefully consider the points raised by citizens at the meeting today. Commissioner Scott McInnis had this to say on the topic: ”We’re hearing from all different perspectives in this community, like any community across the county, there’s lots of different ideas of how to handle this horrible disease that we’ve got, this COVID. I don’t think that’s unusual in any kind of emergency situation. We have lots of opinions on which is the best way to address it. We’re all kind of learning as we go on this.”

Numerous counties across the U.S. have declared themselves “Constitutional Sanctuaries” or “Constitutional Counties” in response to various concerns, including Second Amendment issues among others.

Today’s meeting was more well-attended than most. The commissioners expressed their thanks to those who spoke and engaged with their local government.

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