Firefighters urging Mesa County residents not to use personal fireworks this Independence Day weekend

Stage One Fire Restrictions prohibit personal firework use, but still allow them to be sold
Published: Jul. 2, 2021 at 8:58 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Nothing says the Fourth of July like fireworks. It’s a holiday tradition for communities across the country to not only watch the professional displays but also use their own on a smaller scale. This year, though, Stage One Fire Restrictions in Mesa County prohibit the use of personal fireworks.

Lower Valley Fire Protection District Chief Frank Cavaliere is asking the public to comply with the Stage One restrictions and save personal fireworks for New Year’s. “What we encourage people, is, please do not use fireworks at this time. I mean, all fire districts in Mesa County are very very busy because of fireworks. We’ve had some high profile fires already this year.”

As previously reported, the dry conditions and likelihood of fires to get out of hand have brought the Stage One restrictions to Mesa County. One Fruita resident shared her concerns that the sale of fireworks may encourage their use despite the current ban. Janet Wyatt explained that, “I just think it’s a really big temptation for the people that do buy the fireworks even though there is a stage one ban, that they will want to do them anyway, and that even if they don’t mean to start a fire, they still could.”

According to Fire Chief Cavaliere, Stage Two restrictions forbid even the sale of of personal fireworks. He had this message to share with Mesa County residents: “You know, the professionals are the ones that set these, and we’re just thinking of the safety of the people of Mesa County, that’s the reason that those are out there, and just use common sense, I mean, it’s, there are other times of the year, in the winter, when fireworks are allowed.”

Mesa County can have its professional fireworks displays under Stage One restrictions. However, those would also be prohibited under Stage Two restrictions.

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