Construction projects underway in downtown Palisade

The town says it wants to draw more visitors and support local businesses
Published: Jul. 7, 2021 at 6:03 PM MDT
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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO) - Construction is underway in downtown Palisade. The town says it wants to improve amenities for visitors and help out local businesses at the same time.

According to Palisade Trustee Jamie Somerville, “Yeah, I think what’s really exciting is that several years worth of work is going to start becoming tangible. People are going to start seeing progress in terms of Highway 6 construction, parking lots, bus stops, sidewalks, all this stuff is going to be a short-term vision, and I think it’s just an exciting time to be in Palisade.”

Somerville explained that these features, among others, address needs in the town. A new parking lot at 1st and Main Streets will not only provide parking for the Plunge, for example, but also local businesses. “Yeah I think it all comes together because we ultimately want to do is improve our local businesses. We want to help everybody out. So the parklets, the different grants that we got, the Main Street grant, the different things we got through COVID grants, all of that’s worked together to help us build all of this.”

The town expects more people to be coming in with the cycling trail opening up. Kay Crane, director of the Blue Pig Gallery downtown, says that the parklets are a great addition. She also says that the crowds in the area have been great with the Plunge opening up. “This year we are privileged to have the Palisade Plunge which is just opening and bringing tons of people into town, plus there’s the wine aspect, and bicyclers, and lots or art, in Palisade too, and we’re all doing exceedingly well this year as the crowds have been wonderful and really seem to appreciate being out again.”

The pandemic encouraged restaurants and diners to embrace outdoor dining in street-side parklets. It looks like that aspect of COVID-19 era might be sticking around.

These projects would not be possible without the grants the town has received, according to Palisade.

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