Annual Lincoln Day Dinner at the Grand Junction Convention Center

Published: Jul. 24, 2021 at 11:49 PM MDT|Updated: Jul. 24, 2021 at 11:58 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Today, July 24, the Mesa County Republican Party hosted their Annual Lincoln Day Dinner fundraiser held at the Grand Junction Convention Center.

At 6 p.m. the main doors opened for a silent auction and the VIP reception. At 7, the dinner in the ballroom was held as well as a live auction, followed by speeches by Representatives Lauren Boebert and Jim Jordan. As well as 3 Gubernatorial candidates, 2 U.S. Senate candidates, and multiple people running for local office.

“I am honored to be joining the ranks with him in the Freedom Caucus, he was the chairman of the freedom caucus,” said Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. “It’s a one term position so we have chairman Andy Biggs from Arizona now who is leading the group with full force. These are members of congress who care about those forgotten voters and care about putting those people first.”

Congresswoman Boebert shared what she is working on right now in Congress, specifically her Forestry Bill in response to the wildfires Colorado saw last year.

“Now if we were able to manage our forests, we wouldn’t of seen the devastation that we saw last year,” said Representative Boebert. “And my bill requires harvesting to take place of this dead timber that has been killed by the bark beetles.”

Congresswoman Boebert also gave us a sneak peak of a new water initiative she will soon be introducing for water conservation in Colorado.

“I have my Western Water Security Act that prevents the federal government from taking water out of Colorado,” said Representative Boebert.

Congresswoman Boebert also mentioned her invitation which Secretary Deb Halland accepted to visit the BLM headquarters in Grand Junction yesterday, July 23.

“I’ve got to tell you I’m still a little hesitant at the signals that she was sending to us yesterday,” said Representative Boebert. “This is a bipartisan effort. We had governor polis here offering his support to keep the BLM headquarters here in Grand Junction and it seems like there’s still some political hesitancy there. This makes sense to keep the headquarters here in Grand Junction. It makes great economic sense and the lands that are affected by these decision makers need to be experienced by these decision makers and not beaurocrats in Washington DC.”

There was a huge turnout this year of 500 supporters from all over the state. However, not everyone is happy about the representatives being here.

On Wednesday July 21st, there was a rally held at Lincoln Park protesting the appearance of Representatives Lauren Boebert and Jim Jordan. Social worker Beverly Hart gave a speech saying Congresswoman Boebert has not followed through with her promises, mentioning she has not yet passed any bills and is letting lobbyists influence her policies. Hart also expressed concern over who she is spending time with, including Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan who is under investigation for child abuse and was in attendance tonight at the event.

“Here is one of the best members of Congress doing what she told the voters here in Colorado she would do if she got the opportunity to come serve in the US House of Representatives,” said Congressman Jim Jordan. “So she asked me to come out and do an event for her today, a fundraising event, and then be here tonight.”

But the Republican Party of Mesa County is happy with the work Representative Boebert is doing in Congress.

”We’re seeing what happens when we get a conservative voice out of Western Colorado,” said Mesa County Republican Party Chairman Kevin McCarney. “We have a huge crowd for tonight. She’s been on spot wit everything she’s been doing in Congress. We’re so excited by the leadership she’s showing. And the Western Slope of Colorado is in the focus of the country now which is awesome. We were never in the focus of the country before.”

McCarney also says they hold this event every year in reminder of our country’s roots and Abraham Lincoln freeing the African American slaves in the south.

However, some say Congresswoman Boebert is not bringing up the important local issues here such as affordable housing, lack of affordable healthcare options, and not supporting vaccination sooner.

“CD3 is an area that’s been hard hit by COVID,” said Mesa County Democrats Co-Chair Scott Beilfuss. “We have a huge tourist industry here that was hit hard by it and consequently it took a lot longer to come back from it than it would otherwise.”

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