Two Aurora Police Officers facing charges for violent arrest

This July 23, 2021 video image released by the Aurora Police Department shows police body...
This July 23, 2021 video image released by the Aurora Police Department shows police body camera footage of an arrest of Kyle Vinson holding his hand up in Aurora, Colo. A Colorado police officer has been arrested after video showed him using his pistol to beat a man he was trying to take into custody, choking him and threatening to kill him, while another officer was accused of failing to stop her colleague as required by a new police accountability law passed during racial injustice protests last year. Body camera footage was released Tuesday, July 27, 2021 of the arrest in the Denver suburb of Aurora. (Aurora Police Department via AP)(AP)
Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 6:36 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - At 1:00 p.m. yesterday, Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson held a press conference to discuss the recent arrests of two Aurora Police Officers. The Aurora Police Department released the body cam footage from Officer John Haubert and Officer Francine Martinez, in an effort to be completely transparent with the public about what occurred during this arrest.

Police Chief Wilson was angered and upset when she saw the body cam footage calling it a “despicable act.”

Officer Haubert and Officer Martinez responded to a trespass call on Friday, July 23 around 1:30 p.m.

Upon responding to the trespass call, the two officers encountered three men, all had felony warrants for their arrest.

Officer Martinez told one of the suspects he was under arrest and told him to stand up. The suspect pulled away from Officer Martinez and fled. Another suspect got up from the ground and also ran away. The third suspect, Kyle Vinson, who was seated on the ground did not flee.

As the other two suspects fled, Officer Haubert placed his left hand on Vinson’s chest and pushed him to the ground. Officer Haubert then told Vinson to, “Get down.” Officer Haubert drew his duty pistol from his holster and told Vinson to roll over on his stomach.

Vinson complied, showing no signs of physical resistance. He rolled over on his stomach, while Officer Haubert continued to point his gun at him. Officer Haubert told Vinson to put his hands out in front of him, he then grabbed Vinson’s neck and pointed his duty pistol at his head.

Officer Martinez then attempted to place Vinson under arrest, but Vinson pulled away and began actively resisting. He told the officers that he did not have a warrant.

At this point, Officer Haubert mounted Vinson, pressing his duty pistol into Vinson’s neck. He then grabbed Vinson’s neck with his left hand choking him. Officer Haubert then told Vinson to roll over to his face, as he did he began to strike Vinson on the head with his duty pistol. Vinson verbally complied but Officer Haubert continued to hit him on his face.

Vinson then told Officer Haubert, “You’re killing me.” Officer Haubert ignored him and continued using excessive force.

Vinson was eventually placed under arrest and medical treatment was requested for him.

Vinson suffered multiple hits to his head and bruising on his chest. He had a two inch wound on his head, which required five stitches. He did not suffer a concussion.

Police Chief Wilson is working quickly to make changes to the department, “We don’t train this. It’s not acceptable... This is not the Aurora Police Department. This was criminal.”

Police Chief Wilson is working to ensure a swift and thorough investigation. She is also working to quickly implement new training. “We need to make sure that our officers have the tools to know exactly what to do in this situation. So we’re focusing on de-escalation, we’re also bringing in A.B.L.E. Training (Active Bystanders for Law Enforcement),” said Police Chief Wilson.

Officer Haubert faces the following charges, attempted first-degree assault, second-degree assault, felony menacing, official oppression, and first-degree official misconduct.

Officer Martinez faces the following charges, duty to intervene and duty to report use of force by peace officer.

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