‘Slap a Staff Member’: TikTok challenge for October

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 7:08 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - A new TikTok challenge emerged for October that encourages students to “Smack a Staff Member,” suggesting students assault a school staff member.

“That’s the new one for this month, but we have not had that yet. We sent a notice out in our weekly information to remind students that it won’t be seen as a joke. Certainly, it would be something that would not be permitted and would really fall into the category of assault just if you slap another student but certainly one of your teachers. Any of those would all be considered assault,” said Dr. Diana Sirko, D51 Superintendent.

So, depending on the severity, students could face severe consequences like suspension and even police involvement.

There is a list circulating of TikTok challenges on social media for every month of the school year, which involve sexual harassment, destruction, theft, and violence.

“I think when they become destructive to a school, it really crosses that line and particularly when it begins to impact a relationship between one student and another because some of the things on the list are somewhat cruel. And so we really are not in favor obviously for obvious reasons,” said Sirko.

I was told parent involvement is vital in preventing these challenges from happening in local schools. So, parents need to stay informed about what their children are consuming on social media.

“You, the parents, have been great partners with us for many, many issues, and we’re just trying to make sure our parents are informed about that and let them know we would look at that very seriously so they can talk to their students and that’s helped us certainly a few things like this. Parents are usually very responsive in trying to say, don’t do anything foolish like that. That sort of thing,” said Sirko.

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