Grand Junction couple reunited with beloved dog, one month after fateful car accident

“Once we came to, it was just, [Hanna] was hurt and the dog was gone.”
Published: Feb. 3, 2022 at 9:52 PM MST
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Grand Junction couple Hanna Poscente and Charles Reigies could not find their dog Mia after a rollover car accident in the Dotsero area on Dec. 26. Mia, ejected from the car, went missing.

Charles described the immediate aftermath of the accident when he realized one passenger was no longer there. “Once we came to, it was just, [Hanna] was hurt and the dog was gone.”

Hanna posted on the Garfield and Eagle Co. Lost and Found Pets Facebook page asking for help to find her missing dog. The post gained traction among residents, and shows over a hundred comments — some reporting sightings, others offering support. Hanna’s call for help was shared over 500 times.

“We had the entire Eagle County, and Gypsum, and everybody was out there putting food and water out,” explained Charles.

Eagle resident Janet Cross especially took the lead in finding Mia. The two hours in-between Grand Junction and the Dotsero area made it harder for Hanna and Charles to be on hand at all times. Cross saw the Facebook post about Mia and took action — from setting traps to putting out a trail camera.

Cross’s trail camera footage shows the dog returning to the site of the crash, perhaps looking for her family. On another occasion, one of Cross’s traps lured Mia inside, but did not keep her secured. Cross believes the trap may have been faulty, or that Mia figured out a way to escape.

After a few weeks of catching footage of the missing dog and people reporting sightings, no one saw Mia for about a week.

Then, Cross caught Mia on footage again, and located her walking along a set of railroad tracks in the Gypsum area. The Eagle Co. resident notified Hanna that she spotted her dog.

Hanna went over to the area with sage brush and other items from home to signal to Mia.

Cross shared that, “So that night after Hanna rubs all the brush, we’re on the side of the road talking about Mia and the person that brought Hanna says, ‘I see a dog! I see a dog!’, which was on the opposite side of 6. We couldn’t see it but he takes off running across six and starts chasing. And it is Mia.”

The reunion was caught on camera. The video captured Hanna choking up as Mia slowly approaches, 10 miles away from the crash site, on Jan. 27. — a month and a day after the accident.

The Grand Junction couple is thrilled and relieved to have Mia back after a harrowing month. According to Hanna, “You know that saying, ‘It takes a village.’ ? It literally took an entire county and they all just... stepped up. They didn’t know us. They never met Mia.”

The two describe Cross as Mia’s “guardian angel” for all the work she did to help find the dog.

Both Hanna and Charles are incredibly grateful to the Eagle Co. community, and to Cross in particular, for going above and beyond to get Mia back.

Although the dog did lose a little weight while missing, she is doing well.

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