Two Grand Junction men awarded by the Red Cross for saving another man’s life

Two Grand Junction Men Awarded by the Red Cross for Heroic Actions
Published: Mar. 23, 2022 at 7:51 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - The American Red Cross is recognizing and awarding two men from Grand Junction after the two were credited for saving a man’s life after he went into cardiac arrest.

Lewis Baker and Terran Guccini are both avid motocross racers. They were at a motocross event in New Mexico, practicing when one of their friends and fellow motocross racer needed medical attention.

“We were on the line about ready to start our practice,” said Baker. “We saw Mikey pull off and basically walk over to the trailer, put his bike away, take his helmet off, kind of drop his helmet and walk out of the tent and just face-planted.”

Baker said he turned his bike around and rushed over to his friend. When he got to him, Baker said he had gone beet red. It was chilly the morning they were practicing, and Mikey had several layers of clothing in to keep warm. It turned out he suffered a heat stroke. Baker said as Mikey fell, he hit his head hard enough, knocking himself unconscious.

“So we got all the layers off him and started to try and get him awake, and he came back to and started to go into a seizure at that point, you know,” explained Baker. “We had started chest compressions trying to get him back to life after he had his seizure. Because he just went limp after that.”

Guccini began chest compressions, and Baker ran to get help.

“When you see one of your best friends go down like that, you’re getting to them immediately, and you’re trying to get them help as fast as you can. Seconds count,” added Baker.

First responders arrived and took Mikey to the hospital.

Now, a year later, Baker says Mikey is doing great and is back on the bike again. Since the news of what happened broke, the American Red Cross heard about what happened and awarded both Baker and Guccini with the 2022 Life Saving Heroes of the Year Award and credits their quick response and CPR training for saving Mikey’s life. Though Baker says it wasn’t about heroism.

“So, it’s one of those things where you know it’s the right place at the right time,” said Baker. “They call us a hero and stuff like that, and it’s like... no, it’s the military, the everyday heroes that are the true heroes out there, the cops, the firefighters, the EMS and things like that.”

Baker says it’s a situation that’s hard to talk about, and he doesn’t like to, but he tells the story as a way to create awareness about becoming CPR certified so anyone can respond at a moment’s notice to someone who needs medical care.

“It’s an unfortunate event that you never want to have to go through, and it was just something that, you know, we ended up having to do,” said Baker.

Baker owns Adrenaline Driven Adventures here in Grand Junction. He says his business offers off-road vehicle rentals as well as off-road tours in this part of Colorado. And as part of his business, he requires all of his guides to be both CPR and first aid outdoor certified.

“I’m glad to be able to share the story to be able to share the awareness of CPR,” said Baker. “Just being able to be there for someone to be able to save their life in any given moment. It’s just such an easy class to go do. It’s an hour or two of your time.”

Baker says if anyone is wanting to become CPR certified, he welcomes them to come to Adrenaline Driven Adventure, and he’ll help them get that process started.

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