Interview with Joe O’Dea

An interview with Joe O'Dea
Published: Oct. 17, 2022 at 3:36 PM MDT
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Disclaimer: This is a full, unedited interview with Senate candidate Joe O’Dea. Some gaps in the audio can be heard when the interviewer asks questions.


Dana, thanks for having me on today. This inflation has been caused by the $1.9 trillion reckless spending bill that got put in place by Michael Bennett. He cast the deciding vote back in March of last year, it’s caused record inflation. They’ve dumped over $5 trillion in the last year and a half. In addition to that, the war on energy has caused the price of diesel to go through the ceiling and it’s still there today. We’ve got a fed that’s been asleep at the wheel, big government in our way. Those are just a few of the issues I’m going to address when I hit the US Senate in January.

First off, we’ve got to get our energy policy back on track. We’ve got to get energy, wind, solar, nuclear, good and clean natural gas. We’ve got to get the permitting out of the way so we can go back to work here in Colorado and flood the market with increased supply. It will cause the price to go down, inflation will go away. That’s how you do it.

Look, every time we have an event, we pass another set of laws. Democrats here in Colorado have ignored the laws that are on the books. As a drug dealer, you can possess a weapon. It should be a felony. They’re not taking them off the streets. We need more cops on our streets. We need to make sure that we’re enforcing the laws that we have. We don’t need a whole host of new laws. What we need to do is make sure we’re enforcing the ones we have.

Well, when I talk to the sheriffs, the ones that are putting that law in place and having to implement it, they don’t think that law works. It puts them at risk. They’re not happy with that law. It needs to be rewritten here in Colorado. It’s not doing the job it’s supposed to do. We need to do more with mental health here to get these people off the street. We have hundreds of laws on the books. We need to enforce them. We need more cops on our streets right now. If you talk to the chief of police here in the city and county of Denver, he’ll tell you he’s short 250 officers. That’s because Democrats across the State of Colorado have defunded, demoralized the police., and we need to do better. We need to restore that position.

Well, it’s not. We’re the third worst state for violent crime in the United States right now. They just deemed Denver as one of the most unsafe cities in the nation. You go around here and we have record crime everywhere. We need to enforce the laws that we have on the books, get these criminals off the street. We’ve got cashless bonds that are being put in place. We’re not getting these criminals off the street. That’s the problem with crime right here in Colorado.

Look, I believe that January 6th was a black eye on the country. I’ve been very local that I thought he should have done more to keep the violence from heading towards the capitol. Anybody that was violent at the capitol or tore something apart, they should be held accountable. We’ve got processes in place that hold people accountable, and then we need to move the country forward. I don’t think Donald Trump should run again. I’m going to actively campaign against Donald Trump and make sure that we’ve got four or five really great Republicans right now, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, they can run and serve for eight years. I’m going to do my job as a US senator to make sure they have good campaigns in the primary so we have a good selection of candidates for 2024.

No. I believe for the first five months that decision should be between a woman and her doctor. After that, for rape, incest, life of the mother, medical necessity, I believe that decision should also be between a woman and her doctor. Michael Bennett voted for a bill that supports abortion up to and including the moment of birth, and he wants taxpayer

I’m asking about your-

That’s excessive. That’s excessive. My position is where most of America is. That’s excessive.