Interview with Michael Bennet

An interview with Michael Bennet.
Published: Oct. 17, 2022 at 3:36 PM MDT
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Disclaimer: This is a full, unedited interview with Senator Michael Bennet. Some gaps in the audio can be heard when the interviewer asks questions.


Well, because the elements of the inflation reduction act aren’t going to kick in for a while, Dana. The cap on drug prices for seniors and the requirement finally, finally, we overcame pharma to have a requirement that medicare negotiate drug prices on behalf of the American people, capping insulin at $35 a month. These are things that are going to take a while to put in place. You’re right, todays gasoline is $3.70 a gallon. Here in Colorado a gallon of milk costs $4.20. That’s really tough on people. I think one of the things I’ve been trying to explain to folks is that this is a global problem. Canada has the same inflation that we have. Every country in Europe has the same inflation we have. The UK does as well, India as well. We’re facing broken global supply chains that we have to address and we’re facing increases in energy prices because two years ago oil was at $20 a barrel, went to $93 because of economic recovery, and then Putin invaded Ukraine. The fact that it is global is cold comfort when you are paying $3.70 a barrel. But I think what --Sorry, go ahead.

Right. I know Larry Summers said that. There are economists who have said other things. I -- I believe that the bill we passed kept 30,000 people in Colorado from being evicted. I think that it has funded law enforcement all over the state. Mental health services that we desperately need. It cut childhood poverty in half last year because of a bill that I wrote. I’m concerned that the Federal Reserve kept their interest rates at zero for too long and their quantitative easing was too aggressive. But that’s looking in the rear-view mirror, what we need to do now is fix the issue. I think we can by bringing our supply chains back to the United States, by making sure that we are benefitting from the inflation reduction act in the sense that we are leading the world in the transition from fossil fuels over the next 25 years to a net zero energy economy. The United States is perfectly positioned to do that now. We are in a place now where, unlike before we passed that bill where we can reduce costs, where we can increase our energy independence and our economic strength and reduce emissions while we’re doing both of those things. I think that’s an amazing place to be.

I think he’s painting himself that way. I mean, it’s incredible. He has said that he would have voted for all three of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominees. Not withstanding the fact that he knows that they overturned Roe V. Wade. He opposes, as you just heard, Colorado’s law codifying a woman’s right to choose. I’m proud to live in a state that’s one of the first states to codify that law. And he opposes it. He opposes -- he voted last time we had an election in Colorado, he voted for a ballot issue that banned abortion and had no exceptions for rape or incest. He says that Donald Trump, even though he probably knows better, bears no responsibility for what happened on January 6th.

I believe we should reform our campaign finance system, it’s a mess. I have a racist billionaire who’s funding a super PAC that’s supporting his campaign, right now, from Wyoming. That’s not helping voters in Colorado. But what I want, Dana, is for you to know and I want your viewers to know how out of touch he is with Colorado. Not just on the abortion issue, but the idea that he would not support any additional gun laws, including a law Mitch McConnell voted for in the U.S. Senate, and he thinks that our red flag law in Colorado, after Columbine, after Aurora, just is out of touch.

Thanks for having me.