Treatment for the Japanese Beetle

Plants inside Bookcliff Gardens
Plants inside Bookcliff Gardens(KKCO / KJCT)
Published: Mar. 16, 2023 at 9:52 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - The Japanese beetle is an invasive species that can wreck our agriculture. With the beetle’s presence here in Mesa County, officials are finding ways to help combat the spread. But there are also steps homeowners can take to prevent the beetle from maturing.

“They need that turf to eat and grow and the lawn is where it all starts,” said Tyler Bertroch, Bookcliff Gardens Operation Manager. He stated that learning when the grub is at the top of the soil compared to the bottom is one key component. During the cold months, it sits too far in the ground for pesticides to kill it effectively. As the months start warming, the grub moves to the top, where it can feed. “What you’d want to do as a homeowner is put that insecticide down, mid April into May. Then the other time to apply it is in August to September,” said Bertroch.

Bookcliff Gardens sells Grub X, which can help kill the grub and other pests. One key ingredient, according to Bertroch, is Acelepryn. The primary purpose is to attack it before it becomes an adult. He stated that once it gathers its wings, it can fly up to five miles away, and traveling in windy conditions can make the beetle travel even farther. That is where they can affect other areas and multiply.

While the Japanese beetle needs moisture and grassy areas to thrive, dry and dirt areas make unsuitable living conditions. So sites that meet these criteria are likely to harvest the Japanese beetle. Mesa County says the hotspot is around the Appleton area as of Thursday, March 16. The area boundary is roughly 24 Road to 27 Road, North of G Road and around one to two miles North of I-70.

For more information or to submit a beetle sighting, call the tree phone hotline at 970-248-7000. You can also learn more about the beetle by visiting this website.