Toddler finds fentanyl at Colorado McDonald’s play area

The toddler's mother said he found the bag of drugs in the restaurant's play area this week.
Published: May. 19, 2023 at 12:56 PM MDT
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DENVER — It started out as a fun trip to McDonald’s for Jordan Enger and her two young sons – the first time her boys had been to the Golden Arches – but ended with a visit with Edgewater Police when Enger said her 3-year-old found a bag of drugs in the play area.

It was 10 a.m. Wednesday, after the family finished eating, when 3-year-old son Atlas asked whether he could go to the play area at the McDonald’s, located at 1701 Sheridan Blvd. in Edgewater.

“He made it all the way to the top, to the third level where the slide is, and then I saw him coming back down very quickly and I said, what’s going on buddy, and he handed me the bag of drugs,” Enger said.

Enger said that at first she thought the pills were Oxycodone, a prescription pain killer. To be on the safe side, she took her sons and the unopened plastic bag to Edgewater Police, who identified the pills as fentanyl, she said.

“As soon as the officer saw it, he put gloves on and was like it, you need to go wash your hands, this is not oxy, this is fentanyl,” Enger said.

One day later, Enger said she is still in shock about what happened and hopes that her story serves as a cautionary tale.

“My main thing is to get what [the pills] look like out there and to get people to have those really hard conversations with their kiddos, that they’re not ... finding it, opening it and tasting it because, based on poison control, it can happen within minutes, a kiddo can be in a really bad state,” Enger said.

Edgewater Police said that so far, they’ve not been able to find any witnesses or video that could help identify who left the pills at the McDonald’s.

A statement provided Friday by the owner and operator of that McDonald’s location said, “We are aware of this troubling incident and thankful no one was harmed. The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority, and our restaurant will assist law enforcement during their investigation in any way we can.”