Athlete of the Week - Aaron “Goose” Gossage

Published: Aug. 9, 2023 at 5:18 PM MDT
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - A Western Slope Native is on a cross country disk golf tour, making a name for himself, and it’s a name that already carries some weight.

Western Colorado’s own Aaron “Goose” Gossage burst onto the pro disc golf scene, including a breakout performance at the World Championships last year, where he finished second.

“That was really cool, it was pretty much my like big breakout performance. It’s the biggest tournament, the whole year, we played five rounds. And after four rounds, I was leading the tournament. So just kind of like playing some my best golf,” Gossage said.

Gossage says he began playing disc golf at a young age, but he really started to see a future in the sport in Grand Junction.

" I’ve basically played my entire life. And then what really got me into it into the like pro tours kind of scene was the collegiate disc golf. I played three years of collegiate disc golf at Colorado Mesa University, and I was really enjoying it having a good time with it. And once I graduated college, I decided that, you know, try out the pro tour circuit and see how it went.” Gossage said.

One of the perks of making it big on the tour, anyone in Western Colorado looking to support Gossage, or get some disc golf gear can represent one of their own.

“So I’m sponsored by Discraft. And I got bumped up to their elite teams last year. So I have specific discs that Discraft runs that are like my signature disc. So you know it’s got my name on it, I get a certain percentage of proceeds from that. So yeah, you can check it out. I’ve got a like little website,” Gossage said.

If Gossage’s name sounds familiar, he has a relative that’s another notable Colorado Athlete.

“My grandfather’s cousin is Richard Gossage, “Goose” Gossage Hall of Fame pitcher, most famous for pitching for the Yankees,” Gossage said, “Definitely one of those things where everyone in the family gets called that (Goose) from an early age, since I was a kid my friends and stuff would call me Goose, at this point I’m really used to it, it’s a cool thing to have in the family.”