Saphire Cervantes

Content Producer/Reporter
Grand Junction, Colorado
Saphire Cervantes

Saphire is from Dallas, TX and graduated from Oklahoma State University in Dec. 2020.

When she was younger her family believed she had an old soul because she would rather watch the news in the morning than any cartoon. However, it wasn't until college that she realized she had a passion for Journalism, specifically sports media.

Saphire has always been an avid sports fan. She was practically born bleeding Dallas Cowboys Blue. The energy and excitement surrounding sports is why she loves it so much.

During her time in college, Saphire was a producer and reporter for Oklahoma State's sportscast. She got the opportunity to cover events such as the Big 12 Men's Basketball Championship and OSU's Pro Day.

Saphire didn't get the chance to travel outside of Texas as a child so her move to Colorado has been an adventure. She's excited to explore the area in her free time and is slowly but surely getting acclimated to the colder weather.

Saphire would love to hear from you! Connect with her on Twitter, @saphirec98, or reach out to her through email at

  • Oklahoma State University B.S. Sports Media, 2020