Colorado E Bikes

Take your fitness to a whole new level of FUN with an E-Bike or Trike. Largest in store inventory of electric assist bikes on the western slope.


• Offroad Mountain
• Road Bikes
• Adult eTrikes
• Bargin Bikes
• Multipurpose
• Custom Bikes

Colorado E-Bikes FAQ

How fast can the E-Bikes go?
On average the e-bikes go 20mph. with some off road bikes reach up to 40mph.

What is the approximate range on a full charge?
18 to 74 miles on a full charge, the average being 30 miles.

What is the battery charge time?
From empty the approximate charge time is 4 to 6 hours

Can you still pedal with or without power?
Yes, It pedals just like a regular bike.

How can I get it serviced?
Full service bike shop located in Colorado E Bikes. Technicians are highly experienced and certified.

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