2020 comprehensive plan in the works

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO News)-- The city is in the middle of putting together the 2020 comprehensive plan. The plan looks to guide where the city’s future is headed, by setting goals and making plans.
“We’re growing on a much more stable basis,” says Mayor Rick Taggart, “It gives us information of where our needs are going to be from a public safety stand point,”

Over the years the city has adopted long range plans for the entire urban area, neighborhood planning areas, even street corridors.
Creating the comprehensive plan is about an 18 month period. The 2010 plan started at the end of the oil and gas boom over 10 years ago.

“Some of [that plan] really helped us understand that we were really going to have to deal with growth and density. Some of it perhaps exaggerated the situation because the plan for growth ended up being higher,” says Taggart.

One of city council’s focuses for Monday night’s meeting was impact fees and their relationship to infill. The city recently approved impact fees for police, fire, parks and rec and transportation.

“Our first priority is really going to be what we can do to encourage infill in the quarter of this community,” says Taggart, “The 24 Road corridor is a very important corridor, particularly as it relates to infrastructure because that whole region has been an area of major growth,”

But the city says it’s a balance; growing the city while also keeping the same smaller feel of the area.
“The community understands that we need to grow and we need to diversify. But they want to know how we are going to plan to do that and keep the lifestyle of this wonderful valley,”

Taggart says there is a proposal for impact fee reductions that has been already planned out. The city will soon decide on where that will go in the near future.

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