3-year-old learns to shoe horses with her dad

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LOMA, Colo- (KKCO)- We met with one father-daughter duo that share a unique love of horses.

3-year-old Kennedy loves learning the ropes from her dad, a full-time horseshoer.

She rides, helps him sand down hooves, and even wears the right attire for the job.

Wes is a father of two and is celebrating his fourth Father's Day this year.

He hopes to teach his girls the same work ethic his father taught him.

“The main thing that I think about having these kids and what was important to me growing up is my dad always-- he never really forced me to do anything, but if I started to do something, he made me finish it,” says Wes Jones.

Horses usually need to be shoed or trimmed every four to eight weeks.

Though she's too young right now, Kennedy's parents are hoping she'll want to ride sheep at the rodeo when she's old enough.

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