Raising the bar on amending Colorado's constitution

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Club 20 of the Western Slope is looking to help push forward a ballot initiative making it harder to amend Colorado’s constitution.

Currently, Colorado has one of the easiest constitutions to amend. The initiative, called "Raise the Bar, Protect Our Constitution," is designed to make the constitution more difficult to amend by requiring signatures from all of Colorado’s 35 State Districts, and if put on the ballot a 55 percent approval by the Colorado electorate would be required instead of the simple majority.

“These continued amendments to our constitution are creating a framework, which is conflicted, confusing and extremely difficult for our state to function within it,” said Reeves Brown a support of the bill.

“Over 150 constitutional amendments that's obscene, and it has really limited our state’s ability to be a sustainable and economically vibrant state,” said the Executive Director of Club 20 Christian Reece.

The initiative is being filed. Once the language is finalized Club 20 and other groups around the state will be gathering signatures of support so they can put the initiative on November’s ballot.

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