Getting patients to the brand new Community Hospital building

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-- It’s been a few weeks since Community Hospital's monumental day, opening the doors of their new location to the public. Still, some forms of technology point patients to their old location, and the hospital is doing all they can to make sure their patients know they're up and running for business.

The old building on N.12th Street doesn't look like a hospital anymore. The signs have been removed, and the building is vacant. However depending on what search engine you use, the old location can still pop up online, such as using Siri or Apple maps.

"We are working very hard to get everything updated,” said Karen Martsolf with Community Hospital. “We worked feverishly with Google making our maps updated, and we made all of our updates on social media sites."

Moving the location of a hospital, is no easy task. Aside from having to move patients, and equipment, the digital address needs to be changed as well. Computer science experts say making the changes of locations online, isn't an easy process.

"There are three big companies that play a role- Android, Apple and Microsoft, and they all have their own resources for mapping data,” said Warren MacEvoy, a Computer Science Professor and CMU.

If you use Google search, you will find the address if the new hospital at 2351 G Road.

"We changed our websites to make sure that our phone numbers and addresses were updated, so when people are calling to try to find where we are, they can do so very easily,” Martsolf said.

On patient move day, previous hospital signs were immediately taken down so drivers were no longer directed to the old building. Now, new signs along I-70 and across town point visitors to the new and improved building.

"We were at our other location for 51 years and as we were moving all of our equipment out we realized just how outdated that facility is, and how badly we needed this new facility," Martsolf said.

The new facility is bringing dozens of new patients, newborn babies, and new health care options to the Grand Valley, which have been in the works for years.

"It's a facility that matches the, I think, quality of care provided here at the hospital,” said Dr. Mitch Copeland, who has been a part of planning the new building for Community Hospital for years. “As a physician, we just want our patients to do well and be taken care of."

Employees said the new building is bright, open and inviting, which is a very important aspect to patients. They say the move, has gone as smoothly as it possibly could have, and they’re excited to welcome more patients.

"We will be able to serve patients and generations to come, and we are thrilled,” Martsolf exclaimed.

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