District 51 high school backtracks on flag ban

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FRUITA, Colo. On Monday, students at Fruita Monument High School were told they could not wave flags, including American flags, in the school's parking lot because of unwanted distraction, according to school's principal.

"I don't see how you can pull someone's right to walk in graduation because they were being patriotic,” said Fruita Monument High School senior Keegan Bogart.

It’s a freedom five Fruita Monument High School seniors felt had been lost.

"My buddy was kicked out for having [a flag] in his truck, and they threatened to expel Colt Chatfield for it, and they told all seniors that they would not walk [in graduation] if we continued to display flags in the school’s parking lot,” said Bogart.

"They said we can't fly a Mexican flag, Confederate flag, American flag, any flag at all," said FMHS senior Paxton Streeter.

The school's principal said some were being ruled inappropriate and offensive to students.

"It wasn’t a matter of it being an American flag, or a Rebel flag, or a Confederate flag, it was the fact that administration was spending time in the parking lot policing flags, rather than being in the building focused on helping students focus on learning and graduation, which is why we said no flags in the parking lot," said McClaskey.

Students feel the American flag should be an exception.

"Whoever has a problem with our county’s flag really shouldn't be here, and really shouldn't say anything about it, because if they don't like our country why are they here?" said Streeter.

The school has since reconsidered their policy now stating appropriate flags can be waved, if done so respectfully.

"[The students] were very passionate about it, and rightfully so, so we decided to allow them display those flags," said McClaskey.

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