Dangerously hot temperatures can be costly for your car

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- Air temperatures in the 90s and 100s can lead to wear and tear on your car.

Simpson Brother’s Garage owner Ron Walton said summertime is harder on your car than winter.

“The under hood temperatures of a car can easily reach 300 degrees,” Walton said.

He said spending a lot of time in idle really cooks the rubber components.

Walton said if the temperature gauge remains hot, it is important to pull over. A car is totaled if the motor fails.

A car can easily overheat on a long road trip in the summer heat.

Walton said a pre-road trip checkup is affordable and could save the life of your car. The checkup should include making sure the fluids are at safe levels, and the belts are not cracked or split.

“Instead of ruining your engine, it is important to stop and make sure everything is safe before you continue,” said Anthony Guida, a traveler visiting downtown Grand Junction. “I always try to keep an eye on the gauge just to make sure.”

Heat also affects the interior of a car. The National Weather Service said it is not uncommon for the inside of a car to reach temperatures as high as 200 degrees.

However, running the air conditioner while in idle can also destroy an engine. Walton said the air conditioner works better while the car is actually driving down the road, not sitting in idle.

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