Donald Trump Jr. sees nearly a thousand supporters in GJ

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO)-- The Trump campaign made its way to the Western Slope Thursday evening.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., was in town talking about wildlife, conservation and land.

“I’m humbled to have this kind of reception,” Trump Jr. said, welcoming a crowd of nearly 1,000 supporters.

Trump Jr. focused on issues important to the Western Slope, including public land ownership, hunting and outdoor recreation.

“I want to make sure we preserve the great American tradition that is the outdoors,” Trump Jr. said.

Darrin Smith, hunter and resident of Glenwood Springs. traveled to the Grand Valley to listen to Trump Jr.'s speech.

“We’re the stewards of the land, probably the most beautiful parts of the United States,” Smith said. “Many of us take that very seriously. So when somebody comes out here to talk about it we’re interested and anxious to see what the future brings.”

It’s a message that drew near a thousand supporters to the Mesa County Fairgrounds, many who want to see access to outdoor recreation for generations to come.

“Donald Trump speaks for the people,” Grand Junction resident Betty Beidelschies said. “He’s speaking for freedom, for sovereignty and for our kids and grand kids."

The second amendment was another hot topic.

“Executive orders and gun laws that have been put in place have been put in place by people who have never held a gun and don’t understand that,” Donald Trump Jr. said. “We’re not about infringing Americans freedom. The only ones affected are the law abiding citizens.”

Local leaders, who have served in Washington, weigh in on how Trump could affect the Western Slope if elected.

“We need a change. He may have an ego, and people may not like him but he’ll get the job done,” said Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis. “We want to be able to maintain the rights of our farmers and ranchers, for our recreational activities, for our trails.”

Mark Geist, a member of Benghazi annex security team said his experience has shown him the importance of good leadership.

"I was on the poor end of some decisions by political leaders,” Geist said. “Because of that I lost two friends, and it’s a little sore. I think he’s what’s going to be best for this country. "

Donald Trump Jr.'s appearance wasn't without protests, from those who disagree with his father’s take on immigrants and refugees.

“People are people. And I know many who are not white, who are immigrants and are people who deserve every right I have,” a protester said. “Even if I’m standing alone, I’ll stand against it."

Trump Jr. went on to address jobs, and how his father’s policies would help to improve the oil and gas industry.

The campaign kicked off the evening saying, that according to the Trump campaign, they are now leading in Colorado.

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