Coworking space FACTORY sparks innovation through collaboration

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.(KKCO) FACTORY is a new kind of work environment opening in Grand Junction. The office space is community based, bringing people, businesses, and bright ideas together.

"We'll have the art community, the manufacturing community, the library, the tech community and all of these different industries working together under one roof,” said FACTORY Co-Founder Brian Watson.

Watson and Josh Hudnall created FACTORY as a resource for small businesses, free-lancers, entrepreneurs and those working remotely.

"I’d like to see the workers who want the quality of life that Grand Junction offers, but they want to have a job and career that they’ve studied for and chosen" said Hudnall.

Office spaces can be expensive, so FACTORY is designed to help businesses with the cost by providing a community space where businesses can share resources like high-speed Internet, conference spaces, and other tools needed to get a company off the ground.

"If you go to any city there’s always one part of that city that's considered the tech center, where people can collaborate and show off products. Junction doesn't have that currently," said business owner Colter Lovette.

FACTORY is expected to be up and running in November. It will be membership based starting at $99 a month, but with a Mesa County Library card you will be able to use some of the center’s features at no cost.

"We really want to have this space set up for businesses to thrive, but not only help themselves, but help other businesses thrive as well," said Watson.

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