New support group for families of children facing disabilities

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DELTA, Colo. (KKCO) -- The Washington State Fathers Network is an organization bringing fathers of children facing different disabilities together. One Delta County dad, who was named the Military Father of the Year in 2011, wanted to bring that support to the Western Slope for families who may need a second network of support.

“He's got a very infectious smile," said Chris Cady, the dad of a 16-year-old boy who suffers from the leading cause of birth defects in America.

“He was born with congenital cytomegalovirus so before he was born he had a pre-birth brain injury,” said Cady of his son Joshua. “He's legally deaf, legally blind, he's got cerebral palsy, epilepsy, a feeding tube and a trach."

Cady was looking for a group that understood him and his son when he came across the Washington State Fathers Network, while living in the area.

“It was a peer-to-peer network, getting dads involved with their special needs kids and helping them go through whatever troubles and stuff the kids may have been having," said Cady.

The group is a place for fathers to come together, help one another, and learn from those who have been in their shoes.

The Washington State Fathers Network is the only one in the United States. Cady decided to start a chapter here in Delta after moving back to the Western Slope.

Saturday, the Delta chapter came together for their first event. The event was not only open to fathers and their children, but entire families.

“It makes a safe place for these kids, where they see there are other kids that are like them and that are different,” said Wendi Thompson, who attended the first event.

Families and children were able to play games and decorate pumpkins at the first Colorado Fathers Network event.

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