New movie theater opening in Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Renovations are underway at a closed movie theater in Grand Junction.

The movie theater company Picture Show is moving into the former Carmike Cinemas and opening a new budget friendly movie theater.

“I think it’s really exciting, it gives more of a variety of places we can go,” said Lux Miller, a Grand Valley movie lover.

"It’s great to have other options, and something that will hopefully make these a little more competitive on the other side,” said Grand Junction resident Jeff Green.

Picture Show bought the 23-year-old building, and the owners are working hard on upgrades.

"I think that Carmike needed to improve," said the new owner, Jeff Stedman.

It's the inside where picture show is adding all new equipment and upgrades like reclining seats, hoping to make the movie viewing experience more comfortable.

"We took a facility that was not being used, and would have been closed otherwise and invested $2 million in the community,” said Stedman. “We’re going to employ 25-30 people and we're going to have value pricing for our customers.”

New jobs are something that Grand Junction residents said could improve our economy.

"The more jobs the better, it helps stimulate the economy here, which needs all the help it can get,” said Green.

"It’s really hard to hard find jobs nowadays – it’s cool that we have another option, maybe I’ll go apply there eventually," said Miller.

Picture show hopes to bring a fun family friendly experience to the valley one ticket at a time.

"It's important that we have a place where we can go, that's a little bit more affordable, especially with the family situation, a lot of people can't go because they can't afford the prices of the ticket,” said Connie Ash, a Grand Junction resident.

The new theater will be Picture Show's ninth theater in the nation.

The owner Jeff Stedman says they plan to fill their first seat on November 11.

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