Grant A Wish looks to help Western Slope kids

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CLIFTON, Colo. (KKCO) -- The Grant A Wish program wrapped up a year of fundraising at Murdoch's in Clifton on Friday, wrapping gifts for people and receiving donations.

The Grant A Wish program looks to help at-risk kids. The organization said kids who feel supported by their community are less likely to get in trouble.

Organizers said they try to show Western Slope kids support by sponsoring them in activities like swimming lessons. Anyone can nominate a child for a sponsorship.

The group said kids come from all different types of backgrounds.

"They've gone through child abuse, they've gone through divorces. They've gone through a lot of the trauma that kids shouldn't have to go through," said Makenzie Dodge with Grant A Wish. "So when you can provide them a little glimmer of hope and happiness and see that and help them blossom, it's amazing."

Murdoch's donated all the supplies for gift wrapping, and all the donations received by Grant A Wish will be used specifically to pay for kids' programs.

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