District 51 aims to improve Performance Based Learning

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GRAND JUNCTION. Colo. (KKCO) Educators from Mesa County Valley School District 51 are getting ready for the new school year. The district hosted its second annual Elevate Summit today in Grand Junction.


"We have so many kids coming in with different learning abilities. Everyone comes in at a different rate and has different things that intrigue them or entice them," said Sara Hill, who teaches 4th grade at Shelledy Elementary.

Performance-based learning was the main subject at the Elevate Summit conference.

"In a traditional system, some kids are really bored and some kids are overwhelmed,” said Tom Vander Ark, the CEO of Getting Smart.

The goal of performance0based learning is to personalize each student's education, according to experts.

"A lot of kids are reluctant readers because that's what we've ingrained in them. With performance-based learning, we give them the option on what kind of reading they like...whether it's comic books or drawing their own stories and talking about it...that's all literacy based as well,” said Hill.

Some teachers have already used lessons like these in their classrooms.

"I saw a lot of growth out of them they became more of a community and supported each other and challenged each other, said Hill.

Teachers plan on taking more back to their students this year, like the voice and choice.

"Giving those kids and hearing those voices and hearing what they know and what they want to know and then giving them that choice on where they want to take their learning in a course a little more structure,” said Hill.

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