GJ City Council allows satanic invocation at meeting

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- After complaints from several community members that only prayer or religious groups can give the invocation at the Grand Junction City Council meetings, council members decided to allow a satanic invocation at their August 2 meeting.

“We beseech all those present to shun primitive hatreds and superstitions, bigotry, prejudice and atavism and instead seek equality and justice and thereby safeguard all world views and treat them equally and with respect. So say we all in the name of reason, in the name of free inquiry and in the name of rebellion against theocracy. Hail Satan." said Andrew Vodopich with the Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers.

The group is calling it the state's first ever satanic invocation.

According to them, Grand Junction became a national trailblazer after the city crafted an invocation policy in 2008 that welcomes all comers-- that anyone could say the invocation-- not just religious groups.

Before the invocation was declared, Mayor Rick Taggart said the invocation is, "Intended to solemnize the occasion of the meeting, express confidence in the future, and encourage recognition of what is worthy of appreciation in our society,” said Taggart. "During the invocation, you may choose to sit, stand, or leave the room."

We're told there were protests in the form of a prayer circle outside city hall.

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