Crosswalk safety training for D51

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- There's more pedestrian traffic now that school is back in session.

This week was a scary reminder of just how easily someone can be hurt as a local middle school student was hit by a car after being dropped off at school.

Knowing the rules of the road in school zones can save time and make the daily pick up and drop off that much easier.

Today more than 25 crossing guards from across District 51 elementary schools got some guidance on how to ask drivers to slow down and pay attention.

"Parents need to slow down and pay attention and kids need to see where they are going and everyone will be happy,” said Thunder Mountain Elementary School crossing guard Rhonda McElhiney.

Remember when you’re crossing the street always look both ways and also for drivers it's a state law to yield to pedestrians when they are in the crosswalk.

“I have seen a couple really close calls and it’s like somebody's going to get hurt if we are not paying attention,” said McElhiney.

At the moment only elementary schools have crossing guards but D51 are looking into expanding that to other schools.

“Right now safety is at a paramount so the crossing guards provide that extra sense of security for the parents in the community to get the kids across the street safely,” said Safety Security Officer Matt Surad.

This training happens every year for the hourly professionals, but teachers can also get involved depending on the school.

"Proper usage of the stop sign, where to have the kids positioned on the side walk before and just to most importantly to make sure that the kids are waiting for the proper time to cross when the crossing guard is all set up and has traffic stopped,” said Surad.

School zone speed limits vary anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour.

When you are approaching a stop sign make sure you stop behind the white line not in front of the crosswalk or on the cross walk because that will inhibit pedestrians crossing the road.

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