Protect your information after the Equifax data breach

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- In a press release Thursday, Colorado’s Attorney General Cynthia Coffman advises consumers in the state to carefully protect their personal information after Equifax’s announcement of a large data breach.

“[I]t is important to remember that even if a person’s information was a part of this breach, it does not mean that they will become the victim of identity theft. As we always tell consumers, vigilance is your best friend in these situations,” said Attorney General Coffman.

Coffman also cautioned consumers to understand the terms and conditions of the services being offered by Equifax for information about the data breach, because they may affect your ability to take legal action in the future, according to the press release.

Officials also provided steps consumers should take when there’s any kind of data breach:

- Contact your bank, credit union, or credit card company if you believe any of your accounts may have been compromised.

- Contact one of the three credit reporting bureaus to notify them that you may be a victim of identity theft and would like to place a fraud alert on your credit.

- Pay extra attention to your bank statements, credit card statements, and even medical or insurance bills to see if any unknown or unusual charges appear.

- Be wary of any unusual mail or emails – If the identity thief is using your information to open up new credit you may receive notifications about ‘your’ loan application, new credit card, or even an overdue payment on an account you do not recognize.

If you believe you’re a victim of identity theft the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has a toll free 24 Hour Identity Theft and Fraud Hotline at 1-855-443-3489 .

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