Grand Junction mom escapes Las Vegas shooting unharmed

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Jaime Serrano Zarlengo, of Grand Junction and her best friend, Chelsea Lorimor, often travel to see concerts. Las Vegas was the farthest they'd traveled.

"My friend and I were having a good time, I mean we've been waiting for Jason Aldean all weekend," Serrano Zarlengo, said. "It's our thing, you know we have our kids and husbands and they know that moms need a break."

They worked their way to the front of the crowd and got to be about ten to 15 feet away from the front of the stage at the Mandalay Bay hotel, where Jason Aldean was performing.

"I think he had probably played maybe three or four songs by then," she said.

Then it began.

"We heard just what sounded like a 'pop, pop, pop'—kind of sounded like an M-80 firework," Serrano Zarlengo, said. "It just didn't have the oomph of a bullet, of a gunshot."

Shots were fired into the crowd. Nearly 60 people were killed and more than 500 were hurt.

"Everybody got down," Serrano Zarlengo, said. "We were literally on the floor just hugging one another, holding onto each other, just ducking down, getting as low as we could. And there were a couple people who actually tried to get up and run. It would go in phases. They would pop off and you'd hear maybe 50 to a hundred rounds, and then it'd stop for a few seconds and in that break, people were trying to get up and run. People were just in shock."

So, Jamie and Chelsea ran.

"My best friend and I just locked hands and we were just dragging each other out of there, just trying to not run over anybody in the process, but we just started running," Serrano Zarlengo, said.

When they wanted to stop, possibly to help someone, they had to make the decision to keep running.

As she was running, she said she looked down and saw another woman who wasn't moving.

For me, I was just like she's not moving, and I was like she's covered in blood, she's probably already gone," Serrano Zarlengo, said. "If I stay and I help her, am I going to be a target, am I going to be in his path or whatever, and I just kept running, and as bad as it feels to just leave her there, you worry if you're next."

Jamie and Chelse both have small children they were worried about, and just wanted to get back to Grand Junction.

"We go to Country Jam, and there are so much more people there I know," she said. "We have had that cross our minds like, what if something happened there, and now it actually has happened to us. You can't live your life in a bubble, but when it hits this close, it puts your life in perspective."

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