Pumpkin business increases as temps drop

FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Pumpkin season is already beginning to end, thanks to the chilly overnight temperatures, according to local farmers.

Don't let that stop you from hitting your favorite patch though, it just means they've officially stopped growing.

"It’s always an experience when you carve pumpkins,” said Rachel Smith, the manager at Studt's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze.

"It just brings out the fun time of the year and transition to winter and it's beautiful,” said Studt's visitor Tammi Geisler. "We carve them, we make pumpkin seeds and we buy some for our table at Thanksgiving."

With the cold nights coming early this year, farmers said some pumpkin crops are in danger.

"Some pumpkins take it better than others, the orange ones do okay, getting frozen a couple times they don't do well if they consistently get frozen,” said Smith.

While frost typically isn't good for pumpkin crops, farmers said it can help the Halloween vegetable look more appealing.

"You have a lot of vine growth in the season so by getting a frost it basically knocks the vines down, the vines die. It just helps expose the pumpkins,” said David Moon, the co-owner of Moon farm.

Farmers said spray paint, hairspray, and clear paint sealant, are was to increase shelf life for pumpkins.

"Some of them you can actually paint and that will actually help the skins so they don't break. As soon as you cut into the skin it will actually rot them out faster,” said Smith.

Experts said the best time to carve pumpkins is actually nearer to Halloween, that way they will look their best on their big night.

There is still time to pick your pumpkins, patches won’t close until the end of the month.

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