3D technology changing cancer diagnosis for Western Slope patients

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Grand Valley Oncology is now home to new technology that will change the way patients see their cancer diagnosis.

When it comes to a cancer diagnosis, no two people are the same.

"The unknown is probably the worst part of being a cancer patient,” said Toni Meadors, a clinic nurse at Grand Valley Oncology. “Knowing exactly what's going on with both their treatment and type of cancer they have is the benefit of having this."

They are the only spot on the Western Slope with the new 3D technology.

"We have the digital anatomy boards in each of our patient care rooms," said Karen Martsolf, with Community Hospital.

Patients can actually see their diagnosis.

"So some of the cancers, we can see 3D," said Meadors.

The new technology also comes with tablets, to help prepare for procedures, or during them. They can watch educational videos and watch movies throughout their treatment.

The boards show an image of their cancer and the area it is growing in. It's a completely new outlook.

"If they're a written, verbal, or visual type learner, this is good for all spectrums,” said Meadors.

The approach will help better detect and plan. But most importantly, it will help to individualize each person’s care.

"We've got a number of events that happen every month, which will be posted on these as we tailor them best to our clinic,” said Meadors.

"It helps maximize their understanding of the type of cancer that they have," said Martsolf.

The boards have been at Grand Valley Oncology for about a month. So far, everyone using them has enjoyed the personalization of the boards and the visual aspect.

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