Central High School hosts 8th annual craft fair Saturday

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CLIFTON, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Looking to do some early Christmas shopping? Maybe something handmade and local?

Central High School is hosting its 8th annual craft fair Saturday morning, selling their own projects as well as others from local businesses around town in order to raise money for their science department.

They use the money for scholarships, field trips and this year they hope to buy a new outdoor learning center.

"We have some great crafters, we're hoping to help fund some extracurricular activities for kids," said science teacher at CHS, PJ Janssen.

Everything from the tinsel to the toys.

"They are going to see woodworking, they are going to see corn whole games, Colorado things, metalwork, jams, jellies," said Janssen.

They will have something for everyone.

"Tie-dye shirts, land yards, rope bracelets," said science teacher at CHS, Summer Jones.

The Recreation Ecology and Conservation club at Central High School has been busy.

"Our t-shirts we got together after school a few times and we made them for a few hours and we would come in during lunch and just wash them out," said 10th grader at Central High School Sarah Wilson.

Planning, painting, and preparing every last detail.

"We like the craft fair because it engages everyone and it's different things it's not just the same thing being sold by different people different clubs can join in the community joins in," said Wilson.

Raising money for their science department so they can go on adventures and learn hands on.

"We have done things with the money like fund field trips, help send kids on trips to Costa Rica the Galapagos islands and we are currently funding for an outdoor classroom," said Janssen.

Next on the agenda is an outdoor classroom.

"We really need a space to get our kids some hands-on activities in the environmental sciences out there getting all muddy and dirty," said Jones.

Bringing more than 40 artisans together from around the western slope.

"I'm most excited for seeing our community come together to help raise money for the science department here," said Wilson.

The craft fair runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturday and entrance is free.

Students are expecting more than 200 people to come out and shop.

The REC club says it's a school-wide effort as other clubs will be fundraising tomorrow too.

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