Let it snow

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POWDERHORN, Colo. (KKCO) -- Snow is flying on the Mesa; Powderhorn Mountain Resort started making snow this week.

"We're all here for one reason, we all love to be playing in the snow," said Sam Parker, mountain operations manager at Powderhorn.

While some wait all year for this.

"I usually get excited about August thinking about snow coming," said Seth Anderson, who recreates at Powderhorn.

“No matter what you're doing you're defying gravity," said TJ Smith, a Grand Junction resident.

Perhaps, you've never thought about what really goes into carving out the perfect slope.

"Sliding down the mountain just does good things for your soul," said Anderson.

Snow making also helps get the mountain open sooner.

“We’ve got five snow making guns part of an automated snow making system here," said Parker.

As of Wednesday, Powderhorn is officially making snow.

"Ultimately we're looking for that 26, 27 degree temperature," said Parker.

It's a lengthy process.

"We have a snow making supply pond up on the hill, so it's gravity fed down to pumps here on the base area," said Parker.

The pumps are connected to a hydrant which pushes snow through the machine.

"Well we want the wind to help broadcast the snow as far downhill or uphill as we can," said Parker.

"I love Powderhorn, it's got great tree runs, usually gets pretty dry snow for the rest of the state, it has a nice friendly atmosphere," said Anderson.

Crews said we got an earlier start on the snow making this year, and hope to keep them going through the season.

"You can see these piles here, might get a pile two, three feet deep," said Parker. “We’ll move up the hill as we get piles big enough to spread out and cover this area, well move up the hill generally as temperatures continue to cool off.”

But really, a good powder day is all up to Mother Nature.

"Once you start getting up to 32, 33 degrees you run the risk of just blowing water out, instead of crystalized snowflake," said Parker.

Each season varies, and it all depends on the weather, but staff at Powderhorn said the goal is to have machines running 24 hours a day once the ski and snowboard season starts.

As of now, Powderhorn plans to open December, 15th. If you can’t wait to get your snow fix, the ski swap starts Friday night, November 10th at Colorado Mesa University at six.

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