Jordan Cove discussion in D.C.

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) -- Commissioners from across the Western Slope are returning from D.C. after a meeting with the Trump Administration.

Mesa County Commissioner, Rose Pugliese said they were meeting to talk about some work going on here on the Western Slope.

One of the bigger topics of discussion was our abundance of resources here from oil and gas to natural gas. Plus, the potential for international relationships, particularly with Asia if plans for the Jordan Cove project move forward.

“Trying to talk to and get in front of trade ministers, in Asia especially, but also India is going to be very important, and what we did was supply The Department of Energy with a white paper that had been done with the amount of resources we have,” said Mesa County Commissioner, Rose Pugliese.

Pugliese said if they can get trade ministers to understand our potential for energy abundance, they can speak on the Western Slope's behalf when going to other countries.

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