10 year old donates birthday gifts to those in need

PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- What kind of kid turns down birthday presents? A 4th grader in Palisade decided to donate her gifts to those in need.

Kairi, who's 10 years old, asked her friends not to get her toys and clothes, but items most needed by our homeless community.

"We are all humans so we should all look out for each other,” said Kairi.

Toys tied with ribbon and clothes wrapped in gift bags.

"Usually every year I get presents,” she said.

Getting presents was not something Kairi wanted.

"Toys are something that we want but we don't really need and there are people out there who are very sad on their birthday because they don't get toys or things that they need,” said Kairi.

Instead, she wanted her party guests to bring everyday things like socks, clothes, and underwear for those less fortunate.

"I thought that usually every year I get presents that I don't exactly need and there are some other less fortunate kids out there who don’t have toys and they don't have things that they need like clothes,” said Kairi.

Her mom, Jennifer Richardson, says this is actually very typical of her daughter.

"I wasn't actually that surprised, Kairi is a very empathic person,” she said.

The idea took off from there.

"It wasn't just the parents running and picking up some socks and underwear it was really they brought their whole family and it became a family event,” said Richardson.

And became something Kairi never expected.

"Hugely beneficial, just your basics that usually you know kids your age don't ask for because it’s provided for them,” said Heather Ripley with HomewardBound of Grand Valley.

This isn’t the first time Kairi has helped others, she donates Toys for Tots every Christmas.

This year, her and her friend will be serving food on Thanksgiving to the underprivileged.

HomewardBound says they are always looking for donations this time of year, they are in need of blankets, hats, gloves, and especially hand warmers.

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