D51 outlines $11 million technology spending

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- District 51's tech department has outlined how they plan to spend $11 million they'll get from the passage of last month's bond measure.

"One of those is to equip students with technology in the classroom to get us down from a 3.5 student to every computer ratio, down to a two to one," said Randy Dalton, the executive director of technology services for the district.

Dalton said getting that ratio down means investing in 6,500 Chromebooks and chargers in 2018, and swapping out other more expensive laptops for 4,400 more Chromebooks.

"Another part of that bond money is going to be used to change our many 20th-century style classrooms into 21st-century classrooms. Again to take some of that static kind of old-style--screen in the front, a big cable that hooks up to a projector from a stable desktop," he said.

Dalton says almost $300,000 will be used to train teachers how to take advantage of the new technology, and five more tech support staff will be hired; four of them will be assigned to each of the valley's high schools.

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