GJPD warns of scammers during tax season

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Police are warning that scammers are on the prowl and looking to make a quick buck off your personal information.

So far in January, the Grand Junction Police Department has filed two reports with people who have lost money due to scams.

One of them lost more than $1,200 to scammers, all in gift cards.

Police are warning they won't be the only victims in the Grand Valley.

"I got five calls yesterday, one the day before and I've gotten one today so far," said David Vigil.

Vigil is a barber in Grand Junction, and he's been getting a lot of scam calls.

"Usually it's a voicemail or automated message that says you need to call this number regarding this," said Vigil. "They usually try to make it as desperate as possible like worst case scenario."

The scammers calling him are phishing for information and money.

"And since it's tax season I could see why they would go the tax angle," said Vigil.

His scam calls aren't the only ones around the Grand Valley.

"We get these calls every day," said Heidi Davidson, spokesperson for the Grand Junction Police Departments.

This time of year is popular for scams.

"Certainly tax season is one of the times we get the highest numbers of calls," said Davidson.

These calls are hard to follow up on, and they have a particular technique.

"Their tactic is to use threatening and intimidating behavior," said Davidson.

"I mean the way they made it sound was like the SWAT team was going to come knock down my door," said Vigil.

The best defense is a good offense.

"The IRS is never going to call you," said Davidson.

Be informed, and hang up when you get these calls. GJPD says to tell your friends and family members as soon as you've received a call.

It's also a good idea to file your taxes early, in case your information has been compromised. GJPD also wants to warn people of another scam selling computer virus software. If anyone calls and demands payment in gift cards or money orders, definitely be aware.

For a print out flyer for your loved ones, see the link on the side of the article.

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